The Do's & Don'ts of Furniture Shopping

The Do's & Don'ts of Furniture Shopping

by Rochester 30 October 2019

One of the biggest investments in your home, besides your actual house, is your furnitureFurniture isn't something you purchase on a daily basis. It's not even an annual purchase! How does one go about furniture shopping though? Do you buy furniture when it's needed? Or do you splurge on new furniture when there's the extra budget?

You need to be practical and smart when shopping for furniture. If you're shopping for furniture soon, here are some do's and don'ts to keep in mind:

DO evaluate the furniture you need

It's important to put your furniture needs ahead of your wants. We suggest that you make a list of the items that you need and prioritize according to your budget. Make sure you buy the most important furniture pieces first and reserve the other pieces for the next payday.

Purchasing a new bed  because your current bed is beyond repair is more important than buying that beautiful chair because you think it's pretty. It’s probably more important to get a comfortable night's sleep, but Rochester makes it affordable for you to get your pretty chair too.

DON'T purchase a piece without measuring it

Imagine falling in love with a gorgeous lounge suite from Rochester, and then you realize it won't fit in your lounge. What would you do? Always bring the size of the space where you will add the furniture to our store, as well as a measuring tape so you can double-check the dimensions of the furniture. To ensure a correct fit, go for the piece that has the same measurements or an item that slightly deviates from what is projected on the design or floor plan.

DON'T purchase a white elephant

You should avoid impulse buying furniture as the furniture or decor piece might just end up in the storage room. Before shopping for furniture, sit down and really think about how you can maximize the piece, who will use it, and where you can place it. With most things in life, less is more! Think about the space you have available and the look you are trying to create in your home.

Buying furniture that you don't use is like buying that treadmill that you never use - it's the most expensive hanger for your clothes you will ever purchase.

DO research on budget-friendly deals...

Be on the lookout for quality yet affordable pieces.

As with any product you purchase, you want to do your research before heading to the stores. Compare different retailers for the best deals.

...but DON'T skimp on quality!

You get what you pay for. You've heard this before, right? This is very true when it comes to furniture. We are not suggesting that paying more for furniture guarantees better quality. Investing in furniture from Rochester offers a guarantee of high-end quality, style and elegance, backed up by excellent durability and unbeatable affordability.

Buying furniture, especially a Rochester piece, is an important step in your life. Make sure you take the right step.

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