Delivery Information:

  • Delivery is dependent on availability of stock.
  • In-stock furniture can be booked for delivery within 48-hours of purchase.
  • Out-of-stock items may require 7-9 weeks' lead-time.
  • Customised items may require 10-12 weeks' lead-time.
  • All delivery fees are calculated on quote.
  • For more information, see our T's & C's here:

Let us carry the load

  • We will take care of your goods & ensure it's delivered safely
  • Your delivery charge includes our insurance for peace of mind
  • Should your goods be damaged in transit, we will gladly exchange it for you
  • Should you experience problems with your goods whilst under warranty, we will collect it, get it fixed and redeliver to your home without any additional delivery charge

Measuring up:

Taking correct measurements is so important when you're in the market for new furniture. You can also check to see if any of the components, such as legs or headrests for example, can be removed and factor that in too.

Furniture delivery day needs to be a happy occasion. Trying to get a massive couch through a tiny doorway is no fun at all. You need to make sure when buying a new piece for your home that it can get inside your house - so measure all the below points to make sure the furniture will fit through.

Be sure to check the following areas to avoid damages to your home or furniture on delivery day:


1. Security Gates

If you live in a gated community check with management if big trucks are allowed inside the complex. If not please inform your sales consultant so a smaller delivery vehicle can be instead.

2. Doorways

Note how wide your doors can open to avoid damages to furniture or walls.

3. Stairways

Some stairways have low hanging beams and ceilings above. Take note of the height.

4. Fixtures

Be aware of large lighting fixtures or decor items that might be in the path of delivery. If possible remove these on delivery day or inform the delivery men.

5. Corridors & outside walk-ways

Some townhouses have narrow walkways between entrances. Be aware of these before picking that perfect piece of furniture

6. Clear a path

Planning ahead for delivery can ensure that it's a stress-free occasion. It's an investment into your home.