2 Contemporary Dining Decor Tips

2 Contemporary Dining Decor Tips

by Rochester 12 February 2020

Do you love entertaining? Sunday family dinners and special occasions always at your home? Eager to overhaul your dining room into a fresh and contemporary space? We hear you and we're here to help! We know that the word “contemporary” is a big word in the design world and that it can mean different things to different people. For the sake of this blog, we’re defining it as trend-driven styles often featuring modern influences with a focus on a clean and polished feel.

Here are 2 contemporary dining decor tips that will leave your guests hungry to come back for more!

Add a Splash of Colour

As much as furniture is practical, it can often be a playful, stylized touch piece. To create a contemporary look, add bold colours. This will bring in that little extra something to your dining room that takes the space from "okay" to "OH, OKAY". A fun and free way to figure out colours you wouldn’t necessarily have paired together in your dining room is to head to your nearest paint store and swipe up all the swatches that catch your eye. Then, mix and and match them around until you find the perfect combos for you.

You can even be really bold and add a touch of colour with stylish chairs. The Athen Dining Chair range comes in a beautiful blue, gorgeous green, and a pretty pink.

Go Natural & Get Earthy

 Neutral tones and natural materials can help to balance out the poppier aspects of a contemporary living room and keep everything looking clean instead of cluttered. Catch the vibe by hanging soft grey curtains, storing all your coolest trinkets in a wooden piece like the Ottawa Sideboard, or adding a wooden-framed wall clock.

 If you want to go all out, we would suggest the walnut wood Contempo 9 Piece Dining Room Suite Dine in style with this classically designed dining room suite made from top quality imported Meranti wood and veneers. It can easily seat 8 people at a time. The high back chairs add a neutral look and offer comfort around the dining table.

The dining room might be the last place you would think of when it comes to contemporary design, but with Rochester's range of dining furniture, you can create a special space for entertainment.

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