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Urban Africa Décor Collection

Urban Africa Décor Collection

Bring the heart of Africa home. Our latest décor edition is inspired by the authentic expression in African art and craft. Experience a style that speaks of grandeur and a majestic earthy persona – true to the continent it is borne from.

Patina sets the tone.

True to the nature of Africa, our Skylar lounge suite and armchair exude authentic style and character with unique attributes in every set.


Upholstered in 100% genuine leather, the individuality of each set is expressed in natural, rustic tones. Add character to any space with this set of classic appeal, comfort and timeless elegance.










Taking inspiration from modern designs, the Mariposa coffee table and plasma stand feature sleek, clean lines while the wooden grain introduces an earthier feel to your living room. The generous size allows you the freedom to display and store your décor and living room essentials in a stylish, yet functional way. From natural woven baskets, artistic light fixtures to cement side tables, the style combinations are limitless.



Bring people together


In much of Africa, eating together is an important part of building relationships and a sense of community. It goes well beyond simply sharing a table or a meal. The Mariposa

with its white acacia finish and solid legs makes for a perfect setting to host many guests together, seated in comfort on a Harper or Trento chair.








Honest authenticity is embedded in our African Décor range. Find expression in a vernacular, patterned rug; create a mood from elegant elements and add glam to your space with natural ostrich feathers as centrepiece.


Your African Dreamscape


Be inspired by the opulence of Africa and add rich warmth to your bedroom with gold and ochre hues. Ground your colour palette with a generous dose of wood tones from our Mariposa bed , pedestals and dresser. Throws, cushions and rugs emphasise a rhythm easily – use the geometric shapes of tribal prints and the gamut of colours this continent brings to render your bedroom fit for royalty.





Following the African spirit, bring unique traits to your room for individual character and expression. Swop out plastic bins for a few one-of-a-kind baskets and have a chic storage solution. Allow the distinct design of our Africa mirrors to bring balance and aesthetic final touches to your space.


Conjure up memories of travel and adventure, majestic nature and beautiful landscapes with the combination of pieces from our truly African range.