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Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

Turn Your Home into a Winter Wonderland

by Rochester 22 July 2019

It’s that time of the year. Temperatures have dropped. Winter is here. Feel the wind of change this season with a few guidelines:

Create a Warm Atmosphere

Your home doesn’t have to look cold and bland, just because of the cold weather. Balance things out, and create a warm atmosphere in your home. What can be warmer than natural wood? Bring a sense of natural warmth into your lounge with the Chester Plasma Unit or the Cordoba Coffee Table .

Why stop there? The Contempo Dining Suite is not only great for warm, delicious family dinners, but will warm up any dining room.

Comfy Furniture

In Winter, there are only two places you want to be. Either on your couch, under a soft, warm blanket or snuggled up in bed Make sure your Winter spots are cozy and comfy.

The Tuscan 5 Piece Corner Lounge Suite is perfect for your family this Winter. The soft fabric, combined with the recliner feature,  will keep you comfortable for hours. If you prefer spending the cold days in bed, then make sure you have the right bed. The Loft Bed combines your comfort and style needs. This bed will keep you warm and cozy, but also has a beautiful, natural, warm wooden look to your bedroom.

Cool Winter Colours

If you are looking to be bold this winter – try a huge floral print on the wall, or add a touch of floral with the Tokio Dining Chair . On the other hand, navy blue is a go-to colour for winter as it creates a calm state and is very easy on the eyes. The Charlietown Couch is a gorgeous addition to any lounge, and your go-to Winter piece.

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