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Switch it up with some Home Improvements

Switch it up with some Home Improvements

With the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, most of the modern world shut off from the traditional outside world. Thus, with the time saved by not physically attending lectures, seminars, or going to the office and social events, you're likely to be spending more time at home and more time finding something to do.

So why not make a few improvements on the home front? Home improvements will help you to stay busy and provide you with a great opportunity to truly transform different areas throughout your house. Here are some ideas to do so:

  1. Build a permanent home office and Zoom Room

The first step in your working from home journey is to designate an area of your home for getting work done. This could be an empty or spare bedroom that you convert to a home office .


Be sure your workspace is quiet so you can focus on the task at hand and if you are going to be doing regular video conferencing from home, consider adding a “Zoom room.” It doesn’t matter if it is for work or school, this space can be a dedicated room or corner of your home that features an aesthetically pleasing background for those video calls.

  1. Switching Up Your Décor

Spending time indoors for an extended period, you may begin to find yourself tired of the current look of your decor you have in your living room, bedroom , and other spaces throughout your home. Swap out current decor pillows for alternatives, or consider a new rug or vases. For versatile design a bright-coloured occasional chair. Additionally, add a piece of mid-century furniture for its appealing and not only stylish but functional and comfortable and it works well in smaller spaces.

  1. Declutter & Increase storage space

With plenty of time to stare at our closets or drawers. Eliminating clutter and organizing each space in your home can help you to feel accomplished and most likely feel more at peace and comforted when at home. Additionally, it could be as simple as adding floating shelves and bookshelves to your living room.

  1. Give the outdoor a fresh look

You may consider landscaping to boost your home’s curb appeal. Planting flowers, or create a garden filled with fresh fruits. Just bath in greenery



5.Boost Natural Light

Lighting is one of the most fundamental elements that involves decorating a room or creating a truly unique atmosphere. Consider updating or replacing the lighting in your home that includes switching out old lightbulbs for new LED lightbulbs or even coloured bulbs. You can choose between installing brand new lighting fixtures that hang, descend, or even take on a modern shape and appearance. Add mirrors into your space or just paint interiors white, this will help light reflect better throughout your home!


6.Set up the Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar can be the ideal update to your kitchen, especially if you need more countertop space. The extra space will give you a place to eat breakfast, prepare food, entertain guests, and more. Plus, there are many ways to make your breakfast bar stand out, such as using a contrasting benchtop or velvet upholstery bar stools

Although all this time staying at home experience has not been particularly pleasant for most people who enjoy going to work, spending time outdoors, or simply socializing with friends and co-workers, it has provided plenty of free time to sit back, relax, and get creative. Choose home improvements that are right for you to help you nail this new normal!