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Rest Assured – A Buyer’s Guide for The Perfect Bedroom
Rest Assured – A Buyer’s Guide for The Perfect Bedroom
Rest Assured – A Buyer’s Guide for The Perfect Bedroom

Rest Assured – A Buyer’s Guide for The Perfect Bedroom

A beautiful bedroom is a place in your home that is both welcoming and relaxing. Find the perfect space to rest your weary head after a long and stressful day - create your own oasis. Transform yours into a stylish and restful retreat by using the right furniture!

1. Integrate the look to create peace and tranquility.

Decide on the overall style and aesthetic you want to create in the bedroom. If you find it difficult to decide, browse our Pinterest Page and save a few Pins. This will give you input into the types of furniture you like, the colour schemes that stand out and the styles that resonate with you.

2. Lay your head back in comfort and support.

If there’s one piece of furniture that signifies a well-planned bedroom, it’s a stylish headboard. Where good bedding adds style and exquisite comfort, a solid bed with a fun headboard adds instant personality plus support for leaning back with a good book. 

3. Add beauty to the practical.

The design in a pair of pedestals is essential for both function and style. It should fit into your overall scheme and have both a well-styled surface and some storage space for bedtime essentials. It is important to balance the composition of the room – choose the pedestals of the right size, colour and style to harmonize with the rest of the room.

Often, an eclectic style works well to achieve the needed balance while retaining interest and focus points. If you are opting for this, consider mis-matched pedestals for that unexpected variation.

4. Dress it up.

A dressing table with a mirror pulls a room together, adding another dimension of style to the space. Although it is mostly suited for making hair or make-up perfect, it also offers an extra surface for corralling everyday items such as keys and wallets and extra storage for clothing items. Choosing the right dressing table for the space, will also allow opportunity to reflect light into the room and contrasting surfaces against each other.

5. Pay attention to detail and quality.

You can always count on good, comfy bedding a surefire way to brighten your bedroom and make it look thoughtfully pulled together. Use lighter colored furniture to increase the illusion of light and space in smaller rooms and a darker palette to create a moody, sensual space for larger rooms. Always check the dimensions to ensure they are the best size for your bedroom.