Neutral Furniture: The Smart Colour Choice

Neutral Furniture: The Smart Colour Choice

by Rochester 30 October 2019

Rainbows, nursery schools, smarties and flowers all look great with colour! Adding colour to your couchdining room table or bed - not so much! We are not suggesting that you can't add colourful furniture to your home, but sometimes staying neutral is the smart choice.

We hear your plea that "neutral colours are boring" but we are going to debunk the myth that bold is better. Of course, there is always room for a splash of colour in your life, but there are a lot of reasons to stick with a neutral colour scheme for your interior design.

Show Off Your Textures

Any interior designer worth his/her salt will know this textural design secret— a neutral backdrop creates a welcoming interior when mixed with warm textures. We can apply this to furniture too. Having a bright orange couch might attract a lot of attention, but the textural elements of a room often get overlooked. You will make the bold couch the centre of attention and make a room feel unwelcoming by omitting a layered, textural design.

Layering textiles is the key to creating a warm, well-designed space, and neutral colours allow you to create this space more easily.

Look at the image below of the Lastrada Lounge Suite — the neutral colour allows the room, pillows, decor, and the beautiful wooden coffee table to come to the forefront and tell the story of the room design.

A Long Term Investment

Any furniture you buy should be a long term investment. We don't really change our couches or beds as often as we do our clothes per se. You thus want a piece of furniture that not only lasts but falls into your long term interior design plans. The bright red couch that you thought you just had to have? Yeah, fast-forward a few years later and you're pretty sick of it now aren’t you? We aren't saying that a bright red couch won't appeal to you, just look how gorgeous the cherry Bellwood 2 Seater Recliner Couch is, but your taste might not be the same in 5 years. Luckily for you, Rochester has a wide range of lounge furniture and the option the customise your furniture.

Think of a neutral colour scheme as an investment. Neutral will always be a classic. We can guarantee you that you will never grow tired of a neutral colour. If you do feel that the room needs some vibrant hues, then you simply add a few inexpensive pillows in a bold colour or buy a beautiful bouquet of bright flowers.

Neutral doesn't always mean beige. Just look at the Cairo Bedroom Suite in the image below. This is the perfect example of neutral done right. Can you imagine this bedroom with bold colours? It certainly wouldn’t be the same calming bedroom retreat that it is now.

In today's world, it is easy to be sucked into the idea that you have to stand out. Be bold. Go big. But when it comes to your home and furniture, the "boring" option is the best option! Stay neutral when it comes to styling your home.

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