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Make Your Home Blossom in 2020

Make Your Home Blossom in 2020

by Rochester 22 July 2019

Spring is almost upon us. Yes, we still have to brave the Winter cold but as with anything in life, we have to be prepared. Spring is a wonderful time of the year. It's a time for change and for the new to grow and blossom!

Spring is thus a perfect time to make some changes around your home. It's an opportunity for a gold old Spring clean, and to freshen up your home decor. Our new range will put a spring in your step and make your home shine brighter.

Go Green

No not green furniture! This Spring, you might want to try and boost a white, or beige, scheme with plenty of natural foliage and greenery for a simple way to add spring colour to your lounge area. Just look how gorgeous the Bellwood 3 Piece Recliner Lounge looks with the flower piece as a centrepiece on the coffee table.

Make It All Natural

Mother nature is one beautiful lady. If you're looking to emulate her, and create more of a natural look and feel, then look no further than the Angelo Daybed . The chocolate colour is reminiscent of cocoa and, as seen below, pairs well with wooden decor and plants in your lounge area.

Your dining room is a fantastic place to incorporate natural looking wood. You don't have to make your dining room area extravagant. Keeping it simple with the Contempo Dining Suite offers you a very neat, natural, and clean look. As you can see below, less can be more! The natural looking wood is not only pleasant on the eye but allows you to incorporate a touch of nature with other wooden decor or one or two plants.

Spring is coming! Prepare for it today with our beautiful new range.