Rochester is knows as a 'leather destination' as we offer our customers a wide range of leather options which are customised to suit the customer's exact needs.

Leather offers a number of advantages; including durability, longevity, easy maintenance and a timelessly classical and elegant appeal. It is for this reason that leather has become one of the most popular and desirable upholstery choices today.

Types of Leather



Corrected Grain Leather has its natural markings removed and has an applied finish of pigments and sealer coats to better resist markings and spillages.



Genuine leather on all body contact areas and imitation/synthetic leather on the non-body contact areas.



Full Aniline Leather is the most rewarding for leather connoisseurs. It has a wonderful silky touch and the look has great depth. The natural markings and scars on the side hide give this leather its character and authenticity. With age, this leather will mould to your body shape and colours may mellow and change according to its use and environment, making the piece of furniture uniquely your own.



Semi-Aniline leather is stylish and more natural looking. Its finish gives it a uniform look and does not disguise all the natural markings and scars on the hide. This provides more uniqueness to your suite as no two hides are identical and will provide a more natural appeal.

Clean up any stains and spillages immediately by dabbing the area with a clean and absorbent cloth.


Vacuum your leather
furniture weekly using
a soft brush attachment
to remove as much dust
as possible.


To avoid even wear and
tear, regularly plump,
turn and rotate the
cushions on your leather sofa.
This will keep the couch
looking better for a
longer period of time.

Move furniture around
regularly. To avoid the
same seats being used all
the time. This will assist in
increasing the sofa's
longevity and keep it
looking good for longer.


Avoid placing your
leather furniture in direct
sunlight, as the UV rays
will eventually discolour
the leather, causing it to,
fade and become brittle
over time.


Do not use any chemical
cleaning products on the
leather. This can damage
the surface and texture of
the couch


Keep your leather
furniture away from
direct heat and fires,
heaters, laptops, and
hot cups or plates.


Your leather furniture is
designed to be sat on -
so do not allow people
to jump on it, or to sit on
the arms or the back of
the sofa.

Sharp objects such as
pet's claws, belt buckles,
jewellery and things like
scissors for example, can
lead to seriously scratching
of the leather.