La Femme Collection

Our new La Femme decor collection is as multi-faceted and surprisingly interesting in its detail as the muse it draws its inspiration from. Celebrating the more feminine touch, it offers textured layers and bold colour combinations to render any room into a space of luxury and style with a uniquely personal touch.

Making the colour scheme bold and spirited, we recommend introducing a daring combination of pink hues with blue into the living room. Our Charlietown daybed, couch and ottomans accented with a soft pink blanket create a sense of luxe and femininity. Add light and playful energy by placing radiant accents at focal points. Reflect a golden hue within your living room with metallic accessories such as the Vale and Reno nesting tables - these are important additions to capture the light perfectly and create a playful brightness in the air. 

Add vibrance and life to any space by placing a pink Shwe clock as an accent piece.  Complement the scene with a  trio of pot plant holders and a green vase as a stunning table centrepiece. Strategically place an oblong mirror to reflect an abundance of natural light while its rounded corners help bring an organic feel and break the starkness of a room.









As for the bedroom, pink brings a surprisingly welcoming harmony with other colours.  Let a splash of pink play with the cool and comfortable bright green Athens chair and wake up the room. Find the right shade of pink, from the palest blush to brightest magenta, in our  Charlietown headboard and shake up just about any colour scheme. 







Staying on-theme with our La Femme collection, other under-utilized spaces can be livened up with additions of pink and metallic shimmers. Place the gold round deep-frame mirror in areas where depth is needed and pair it with pillows in cool blues, greys or flower patterns to break the starkness and add a natural but modern sense to the composition.