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Ideas to Decorate your Home office
Ideas to Decorate your Home office
Ideas to Decorate your Home office

Ideas to Decorate your Home office

With many people planning to continue working remotely post the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions - working from home is here to stay. Whilst some have already been well set for working from home with a dedicated workspace, for others, home working is a challenge, due to either a lack of space or simply the sheer boredom of sitting at your desk all day.

Decorating a home office to show off your personality while still maximizing productivity sounds like a dream and it's such a simple reality to create. Whether your home office is in a corner of the guest bedroom or in a dedicated room of its own, it's important to create a strong foundation with classic, comfortable pieces are of furniture. Thus, we recommend these tips to help you with your working from home set up.

The trick is to get the balance between decor – colour schemes, soft furnishings, and wall art – and practical additions like storage and office furniture, just right. And whether you're looking to create a calm and contemporary space, or a more traditional office look, you're sure to be inspired by our roundup of office ideas.

  1. Start with a Strong Foundation

The the most basic working from home formula = desk + chair + lamp. Don't forget to place it near an outlet! Beyond those three necessities, office decorating ideas are entirely up to you. Don't forget to place it near an outlet! Beyond those three necessities, office decorating ideas are entirely up to you.


  1. Stick to a Simple Palette

Choose a few neutral colours to give the office a monochromatic look. We can't help but love terracotta, taupe, and shades of olive green because they're relaxing and inspiring. Hang natural wood shelves and fill them with simple decor. Think of a vase, a picture frame, or books

  1. Curate a Communal Space

Office decorating ideas for two or more can be tricky. As more partners and children are working or attending school from home, it's important to create an environment where everyone can work efficiently. A dining table with a couple of comfortable chairs is a great foundation. Make sure the table and chairs are set up near plenty of outlets or keep a power strip nearby so that everyone can stay connected.


  1. Set Up a Nook

If hosting clients is a big part of your working from home setup, consider creating a nook to encourage a more natural meeting environment. A couple of occasional chairs with armrests that hug you can up your confidence. Bring in a nesting table to give your guests space to set their belongings without overwhelming your desk.

 5.Speak with Wall Decor

Let the office walls do the talking. A single piece of art or a curated gallery wall will spark creativity. Show off your personality with a large bone-inlay mirror or retro-style clock.

 6.Make the most of natural light

We know that most people won't really have access to a stunning natural light from the home spot, but the use of natural light in a home office is an idea we can all apply to our own homes. Plus, you may find that exposure to the sun helps boost your energy.

 7.Add some greenery

That on-trend cheese plant won't just look great on your office shelves, adding houseplants to space can also help purify the air, helps absorb noise and improve productivity.


 8.Get organized with a wall planner

With your little nook filled with your already owned furniture, time to make it really practical by adding a wall planner. These are great for jotting in meetings, deadlines, and all those fabulous weekend plans we are all making at the moment

We all know the key to working from home is about having a designated place to work. Physically sitting at the best office desk you can find gets you into working mode and a comfortable chair forms part of the me