How To Decorate With Accent Chairs

Occasional Chairs are the divas of furniture and are meant to fascinate attention within a room composition. For this reason, you should choose one that has the exact desired combination of flare and comfort to complete the scene but which also serves a practical purpose. Considering these chairs as functional art, you could arrange and place them to create focal points, add colour or give gravitas to a space, depending on your layout, personal taste and desired effect.

To assist your decision-making, occasional chairs are categorized according to purpose and style and they are best suited as follows:

A Statement or Slipper chair adds a dash of drama with colour and pattern to a room. Our Eco Occasional chair serves as example in this - place it in the spotlight for the full diva effect, or in front of a window to open up the space and usher in lightness and air.

A Wing Chair, characterized by its high-back wings at the top, punctuates a space and balances the scale in the room. For a classical, dramatic effect with a sense of grandeur, place next to a large couch or suite for visual harmony.








Our Kave Home Prasso Chair falls in this category and is ideal for adding a distinctive silhouette and height to a room composition. It also serves well for comfort - place it in a corner for leisure reading or as a unique element to your living room.







Tub Chair is a design statement and brings a touch of sophistication to the living room. Our Jordan Chair is a good example of this and is as comfortable as it is elegant. Pairing two in a room will give you a cosy conversational space.








The most luxuriously captivating chair of them all is the Rocking Occasional Chair, such as our Kave Home Veracruz Chair. This specific chair hints to a nostalgic mid-century design to add glamour to comfort. It is as suitable for relaxed TV-viewing as it is for adding colour and style to your living room.