How to care for your fabric couches

by Rochester 23 July 2019

Prevention is always better than cure, so be sure to avoid shoes, pets, sharp objects, eating or drinking on your couch. If you enjoy eating dinner in front of the TV, use a tray, and if you have a sleeper couch , always cover it with a sheet when using it as a bed.

Rotate your furniture from time to time to reduce fading, especially if one of the couches is located in a spot that gets a lot of sunlight. Also, rotate loose cushions to ensure the wear and tear on the couch is even.

Avoid using chemicals or brushing your couch, a damp cloth will do. If you must use a chemical, make sure it’s one that’s recommended by your furniture manufacturer like the MasterGuard. If you are unsure, ask the salesperson in store for recommendations or simply use our live chat on our website.

Protect the fabric with a protector spray like MasterGuard, with its special formula that will surround each fiber of your fabric to prevent stains from setting into the fabric, so you can quickly grab a cloth to wipe off a spill immediately while the MasterGuard keeps it from settling in.

Extend the life of your couch by vacuuming it with the rest of your home. Fabric collects dust, and although it might not be visible, the safer option is to dust bust your couch. Steam cleaning your couch yearly also ensures it lasts longer.

If your couch has wood finishes on it, like the Pepper couch, be careful not to touch the fabric when cleaning the wooden parts.

Choose a strong fabric for your couch upholstery, a higher thread count fabric is stronger and lasts longer.

Another thing that may cause damage to your couches is moving. Lift the couch from the base when moving them, also ensure that it’s wrapped properly (a blanket or bubble wrap will do), and don’t put heavy objects on it.


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