4 Trends To Consider This Spring

4 Trends To Consider This Spring

by Rochester 2 December 2019

Spring is a time for new beginnings. It's where new life blossoms and big changes are made. Your home shouldn't be any different. Make a statement this Spring and consider these 4 trends:

1. In with the Indigo

A fan favourite by interior designers, indigo almost looks like a midnight blue but is a combination of deep blue and violet. It holds the attributes of both these colours and is rich and serene. This spring, it’s getting some extra love!

Add this must-have Spring trend to your home with the indigo Charlietown 3 Seater Couch.

2. Be Unique and Eclectic

We all know what being unique means, but being eclectic means to "derive ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.". This simply means that you could find decor ideas from just about anything in life. It's a great way to showcase and celebrate your personality and style.

Remember the Charlietown Couch? Be unique. Add a dash of colour to your living room with either the pink or green Charlietown couch.

You can also spice up the living room with an occasional chair, or create a unique dining area with our range of dining tables and dining chairs

3. African Tribal

This trend is a branch from the 'unique and eclectic' tree, but expect a heavy influence from Africa this Spring. Tribal decor emphasizes patterns and textures from all parts of Africa. Try and incorporate tribal into your artwork, accessories, pillows and even woven baskets.

4. Black is Back

Black is simply awesome! It's incredibly useful for grounding colours and adding depth to any space. It is definitely a colour that has proven itself a design staple that is here to stay.

The Bellini Queen Headboard is a stylish diamond button inspired headboard. The black leather-look fabric allows the headboard to fit with all decor in the bedroom and can be used in any type of room, classical or modern.

Whether you're looking to supplement your current decor or you want to start fresh this Spring, make sure that you make Rochester your go-to retailer for the latest stylish furniture.

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