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Get Inspired by Nature

Get Inspired by Nature

Surround yourself with inspiration from nature. Our Nature’s Bark collection brings bold elegance in a classic design to any space and setting. Create a sense of character and stability while indulging in comfort and luxury.

True to nature, the design, cut and colours of Nature’s Bark harmonize strong masculine attributes with softer feminine touches. Deep, wooden shades of brown are complimented by fabrics and patterns in foliage green. 

Luxury in Lusaka is our 3-piece lounge suite that is resplendent of earthy wholesomeness and rich brown hues. Create a grounding presence that reminds of healing and stability.


The Lusaka Lounge Suite also inspires feelings of warmth and provides ultimate relaxation in its motion settings. Since the suite is bold and strong with dark hues, it is ideally contrasted with lighter colours and geometric patterns – consider rugs or accessories to bring balance.







The natural inspiration of Nature’s Bark makes for interesting combinations when contrasted with industrial elements. Add a cement stool to make a statement with functionality – it is the perfect spot to place your legs to rest. Inject your own sense of character in the room composition. Use gold, silver, copper or grey accent pieces such as vases, lighting and mirrors to add show-stopping accents and complete the look.

Delicious Contemporary Dining

The beauty of a nature-inspired collection, is the use of play between hues of brown and lighter greys and greens. This is expressed perfectly in the Contempo dining room suite that combines comfort, elegance and style for an upmarket dining experience.

What makes the Contempo unique, is the playful balance between warm walnut hues and lighter colours that create a touch of antique charm to a modern silhouette. Add eight high-back chairs in chic fabric for a statuesque impression.




Use varying shades of earthy tones and greens to bring in a sense of nature and complement the scene. Add colour with a vase centrepiece, wall art or repurposed natural baskets as planters.

Bring forest hues to the bedroom

Our Layla bedroom suite and dresser can form the foundation of a stunning composition of luxury and relaxation. Pair the dark-toned suite with complementary pieces such as the Christine occasional chair and other, lighter design elements. Create a scene of fantasy and forest hues.

Feature a variety of earth tones and textures by adding a striking, patterned rug, cement side tables or brighter bedding and pillows. Bring out the best of the detail in the design of the suite.