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Finding your Favourite Recliner

Finding your Favourite Recliner

Relax in style & find your favourite recliner today! With the wide range of materials, colours & features we offer, you can find the perfect one for you. Whether it is to watch TV, have an afternoon snooze or just to wind down on after a long day, our recliners bring the right comfort and style to the occasion.

Irrespective of whether you call it a recliner, a lounger or an elaborate sofa, it is a stunning piece of furniture that gives luxury seating an all-new meaning!

In case you are overwhelmed by the huge array of recliners available in the market, you may always opt for the classic route – such as our stylish range of pieces that offers excellent comfort and will harmonise well with the rest of your furniture.

Traditionally, recliners feature two positions, upright and reclined and are usually available with manual or automatic mechanisms.

A manual recliner ( is one that can manoeuvre into a reclined position just by pulling a handle or pushing back into the seat, like our Camden lay-flat recliner , available in either taupe or brown. It offers plush padding, generous dimensions, durable upholstery and a convenient lay-flat mechanism that allows you to stretch out enough to get the best relaxation possible.

If you have mobility issues or strength limitations, you may consider an automatic recliner. It is a motorised chair that reclines with the touch of a button, like our Madrid Power Recliner Chair in full leather will enhance your living room setting and provide years of seating comfort.


This chair is generously proportioned and upholstered in semi-aniline leather. It is also ideal for people with spinal curvatures as it offers effective posture support.



Recliners have become a coveted seat in the living room and with the range of materials, colours and features currently available, it is possible to get the exact comfort you yearn for. A quality and comfortable recliner can be a significant investment and we want to ensure that you're happy with your purchase, making the investment well worth it. Our showroom has different options on display to ensure you consider all your options.