If leather is not your thing you can always opt for your furniture to be covered in a stylish, high quality and durable fabric.

Fabric is always a popular choice due to it's versatility and affordability. It has more flexibility in terms of types of fabric and colour, allowing you to match your home to perfection. You can also enjoy it's comfort immediately because it doesn't need to be worn in, nor is it affected by temperature. Enjoy!

Types of Fabric


Air Leather is a breathable fabric, for cool comfortable seating. That can be wiped clean with warm water. It's a heavy-duty textile making it highly resistant to everyday wear.


Chenille is a woven from natural or synthetic fibres. It's a soft, fury, velvety fabric that is used on most everyday fabric upholstery.


Velour is a velvet-like fabric heavy with a thick pile that lies in a single direction. Unlike velvet - it is a knit, which gives it some stretch.


Eco Fabric is a recycled leather textile, using an advanced process of layered Polyurethane coatings. It consists of a multi-layer PU top, which is backed with eco-friendly reconstituted hide using special adhesives that act as a catalyst to bind the top cover and the leather and give it additional strength and durability.

General Fabric care guidelines: