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Decor and how to use it
Decor and how to use it
Decor and how to use it

Decor and how to use it

The art of making your home stylish and beautiful is actually easier managed than many think. Making clever use of decor, those aesthetic components used to render a space more visually appealing, can transform a home and enhance the living experience. To learn how to create desired effects, follow our simple tips below for selecting, combining, and decorating with accessories.


1. Pay attention to design.

When it comes to decor, choose quality over quantity. A single one-of-a-kind piece may work better in your space than a slew of small trinkets. Take the time to research what will work best in your space before selecting and/or placing accessories. Remember, scale and proportion contribute to the creation of a

2. Play with colour.
Where neutral colours are great in large furnishings and permanent fixtures, the use of colour comes to its full in inexpensive accessories. Easily combine bold, popping colours and interesting textures by the simple addition of various accessories. An added benefit, is using accessories that are easy to change and swop out to accommodate for changing moods, styles, or seasons.





3. Experiment with options.

Mantles are commonly decorated with a mirror or art in the centre, flanked by a candle or vase on each side. As this type of arrangement can be boring, try going for balance instead of symmetry. Group smaller items in odd numbers, such as in threes or fives.







4. Create the right balance.
Large accessories should be placed first and sparingly, with medium and small-sized accessories filling in and adding balance where needed. Several small accessories can give the feel of a large item when grouped, but don’t forget to leave some breathing room.

Work with a theme in mind. Not every nook and cranny in a room needs to be filled with decor. Remember to mix colours, layers, and textures by choosing pieces of varying heights, widths, and styles and balancing them in the space. Our new home decor range features four themed collections to assist you in enhancing your home.