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Create Your Dream Home Within Your Budget
Create Your Dream Home Within Your Budget
Create Your Dream Home Within Your Budget

Create Your Dream Home Within Your Budget

With so much inspiration around us, from social media to magazines and more, we can tap into ideas to create our perfect home. For most, it is a constant work-in-progress to adapt homes and living spaces to our changing needs. Shopping smartly helps in this as we can transform a room with a few simple finishing touches.

A good eye for detail.

Ottomans may be named after a powerful empire but as pieces of furniture are often underrated. From storage to extra seating, these low-level pieces are functional and aesthetic. Invest in an Ottoman to bring additional comfort in your seating arrangement or tidy up the area while lending a completely new look to the space. They are also easy to shift around, to create different focal points and desired effects.


Tufted ottomans are an elegant and upscale choice for any home. Upholstered, using quality fabric with decorative detailing of stitch-tufting, our Charlietown range is available in a variety of interesting colours. Use a tufted ottoman in a contrasting colour to lend sophistication and visual rhythm in a room.

The Jobi cube ottoman is a compact solution for smaller spaces. Choose a colour that blends well with your room, as you may stow it beneath or besides bigger couches and chairs. However, if you wish to emphasize a spot, a contrasting colour is ideal. The Jobi cube ottoman is sturdy for extra footrest and boasts a modest design to harmonise in various spaces.

For a traditional style ottoman that is both practical and space-efficient, opt for our Cardi  & Gillian ottomans.

The simple design serves as a foot rest, accent piece or extra seating in a casual lounge setting.


If you desire an English country style in your living room, an ottoman can be used as a coffee table while transforming the ambience. Put a tray on top for holding drinks and books, and simply remove it when you need some extra seating for guests, or to serve as a footrest.

Ottomans are not limited to the living room. Place an ottoman in your bedroom for comfortable sitting when putting shoes on. A smaller ottoman serves well as a seat at a makeup vanity during skincare and beauty routines. Combining the right style, colour and texture with ottomans strategically placed, any space can be transformed into an ideal scene.