Couches for the lounge

by Rochester 23 July 2019

Wondering what kind of couch would look good in your lounge? Below are a few pointers on just how to go about finding one that’s the right fit for your space.

For Small spaces - go for a minimal couch or a small 2-seater that won't use up all the room. The Clayton and Jobi couches are great for small spaces as they will save you some much-needed room in your house.

TIP: If you are unsure whether the couch will fit into your space, it's best to measure the room with a tape measure or string and check that against couch specifications.

Medium to large spaces - here you can afford to get a couch with more room, but be careful not to go overboard and have no room for movement or any other accessories. The Skylar couch is a great mix of spacious seating and presence, but it's also minimal enough to keep the lounge feeling open and spacious.

TIP: The key when decorating your lounge is to ensure the room is designed for people to be close enough to conversate without having to shout while leaving enough room between furniture pieces so that the space doesn't feel cramped.

Large space - go all out with any style of couch you prefer. From a 2-seater sofa, which you might need to accessorize so the room doesn't feel empty, too much bulkier sizes, and even a lounge suite or an L-shaped daybed sleeper couch.

TIP: You can still go minimal in a large room but add other accessories like occasional chairsside tables, a coffee table, and even a second couch. Just find the right combination and be sure to leave some space between them to keep the flow.

We hope these pointers have been helpful enough for you to unleash your inner interior designer. Happy decorating :)

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