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Accessorize your spaces

Accessorize your spaces

by Rochester 22 July 2019

Add some accessories to your spaces and create the home of your dreams. There are quite a few options at your disposal in this regard, and we've compiled some of them for you below.

Bedroom - Besides the bed and wardrobe, add some style to your bedroom with accessories like a headboard. Luxe headboards are trendy right now and add a touch of sophistication and charm to your bedroom. The popular choice doing the rounds is the Diamond headboard, but your options are pretty wide in this category, with customization even being an option. Also add some pedestalsoccasional chairs, depending on your space, a chest of drawers, and a kist if you're in need of extra storage. The great thing about the Cotswold kist is they also double up as seating space, especially helpful for putting on shoes.

Lounge - occasional chairs or ottomans add some character to the room, not to mention that extra seating space. Side tables are also a must if you love entertaining, you don't want your guests having to carry their drinks for a long time. Wall units are slowly making way for plasma stands , with their understated yet elegant presence in you living room , so be sure to consider updating if you already have a wall unit. A coffee table and rug are a must in the living room, they give such a cozy feel to the room, and the coffee table also provides a place where you can put your snacks, drinks, and remotes for your electronic devices. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the remote because it's stuck between your couch cushions. Another addition, especially for people who watch a lot of tv or play tv games is the ever so comfy lazy boy. Just be sure everyone is in agreement about who gets to use it and when because you might find yourself scrambling for it.

Dining - a dining room need not be just made up of the dining suite or dining table and chairs. Other accessories you can incorporate into this space are extra dining chairs which complement the decor but do not necessarily have to match the ones in your dining suite. You can also incorporate servers and sideboards for a more formal dining space. Another understated statement piece to add to this room is a wall feature, could be in the form of a timepiece, a painting or custom mirror. The detail helps create a look and feel that appears very well thought out and sophisticated.

The goal is to make your decor as you as possible, so add those finer details like pictures or paintings, flowers, sculptures etcetera. Just be mindful of how they fit into the overall look and feel of each space.